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Health Choice for Action MA

Health Choice 4 Action is a registered 501 (c)(4) organization. We are committed to preserving free and informed consent, maintaining access to education, and preventing discrimination and segregation based on medical choices.

Our Massachusetts team is leading the education/lobbying efforts in opposition to the following 2 bills:
S.1517 & H.2271 Known as the Community Immunity Act.
H. 2411 An Act Relative to Vaccines and Preventing Future Outbreaks.

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Boston First Responders United 

Boston First Responders United seeks to re-instill into American society the core tenets of Freedom established by the Founding Fathers and to reaffirm our God-given rights to make decisions for ourselves and for our families, particularly as it relates to medical treatment, without duress from any political or governmental entity.

BFRU stands in solidarity with all emergency personnel, teachers, nurses, all labor union workers, and every other type of worker in Massachusetts who is being subjected to unethical and illegal terminations. BFRU re­jects the notion that one's ability to live free and prosper in the U.S. is conditional on subjecting one's body to unwanted medical treatment or vaccine injections through government strong-arming and overreach. 


Health Rights MA is a 100% grassroots citizens initiative.

Health Rights MA is a grassroots citizens initiative with the goal of reaffirming and protecting the rights of people of Massachusetts to make decisions about their own bodies without coercion, through proactive health freedom legislation. We worked to draft and file two bills, 51122 & H4151, that would protect your right to bodily autonomy and make it unlawful to fire a person based on their medical choices. Health Rights MA represents 1 OK Mass residents and that number grows every day! 


Mass Against Mandates (MAM) 

Mass Against Mandates is a grassroots organization that connects Massachusetts residents with other like-minded individuals within their communities. MAM focuses on educating, supporting, and empowering MA residents at the local level, with a recent focus on school boards and overreaching Dept. of Education (DESE) regulations. MAM distributes easy-to-complete actions to its members, and it supports members' campaigns in local elections. MAM is comprised of over 10,000 members, with its local groups representing over 170 communities across Massachusetts. 


Children's Health Rights of Massachusetts


Children's Health Rights of Massachusetts is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit formed to stand up  for kids' and parental rights in the face of unlawful mandates. Our first objective is to fight cruel and mask mandates issued by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and many school districts in the state. Soon we will take on dangerous vaccine mandates. We are alarmed by the assault against children's and parents' rights and are taking legal action to protect children. Join our fight for the most vulnerable


Massachusetts Freedom Keepers
Massachusetts Freedom Keepers is the state chapter for Freedom Keepers United, an international non-profit made up of 49 US chapters and 13 global chapters. Through community programs, social media campaigns and educational content, our global network empowers individuals to ask questions wisely, serve with empathy, and advocate for human rights. In Massachusetts, our goal is to build community outside of the system. Our focus is connecting families to others that are like-minded through in-person meet ups. We want to build a community where we can all ask questions and be heard. With our collective voices we em­power our communities to advocate for a free future. For all. 


America's Frontline Doctors

America's Frontline Doctors is the leading source of medical research and legal guidance to defend your freedom. AFLDS Citizen Corps is on a mission to awaken the sleeping lion of American Liberty and light the path for humanity around the world. If you know something is wrong with what we're being told about the pandemic, but you don't know what to do about it, you've come to the right place. 


MAFA Massachusetts (MAFA MA)

MAFA Massachusetts (MAFA MA) is the Massachusetts affiliate of the national 

MAFA organization Make Americans Free Again created in Massachusetts 2020 as a direct response to the consequences of unsubstantiated state of emergency declarations across US. MAFA MA is connecting Massachusetts residents who support medical freedom as a basic, non-negotiable human right. No politics, just good old-fashioned community fellow­ship, in-person and uncensored, in towns across Massachusetts. MAFA MA conducts local, weekly, in-person meetings across the state to share resources, strengthen community relationships, strategize on local actions, and build support around our common stance on medical freedom. 


Massachusetts Medical Freedom Homeschoolers 


Massachusetts Medical Freedom Homeschoolers is a group geared towards families that are medical-freedom minded and already homeschooling or wishing to homes­chool. Our group has over 1,700 members all over Massachusetts. 

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